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Act With Care & Care projects always put the safety and well-being of their customers first in their mission.


Given COVID-19, we started informatively informing our employees a few weeks ago.

Our employees are also all provided with disinfectant material, including our technicians who perform installations and interventions in assisted living homes, residential care centers and in people's homes.

Since these end customers are particularly sensitive to the Corona virus transmission, we are now taking stricter measures, which are highly recommended for this target group.


Everyone among us is aware of the necessity or added value of our services, whereby our healthcare technology ensures that many people can continue to live alone, at home independently.

This way, many can guarantee their safety and also easily get out of the isolation by having contact with the outside world.


Specifically, we remain active and we guarantee the following services:


We have continuity plans for all our activities and already have agreements with many users / customers to monitor the systems. This is also further guaranteed now.

For the health of our employees and (end) customers - and to limit the 'distribution chain', we will close our offices and activate home work among our staff.

We remain available online as well as by telephone.

All applications to date for placements / submissions and interventions have already been scheduled this week and are being processed.

If people still cancel, eg out of fright / precaution, this is not a problem and we do not charge any costs for this.

New requests for placements / commissioning will be included in the planning and will be confirmed later, depending on the current situation and availability.

Urgent interventions and installations (eg through which someone can leave the hospital or can be largely isolated) can be carried out - in consultation - within our agreements.

Repairs and deliveries: since our offices will be closed, please do not send anything until 3/04/2020 (or until further notice).

Organizations using our SIM cards with Private APN will not have incurred additional costs due to additional call volumes during this period

Organizations equipped with our video telephones and technically eligible can, if desired, temporarily offer their residents free video video calling. Feel free to contact us for this.


We are happy to continue to evaluate and adjust all this in consultation with you, our care partner, where necessary and depending on further developments.

Do not hesitate to contact us.

We thank you for your understanding and confidence to further expand our social role.




Stay safe, take good care of yourself and each other.

On behalf of the ActWithCare & CareProjects Team,

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